Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Roughage

When did my toes get so hairy? I don't remember there being hair on my big toe!  And where did all this nose hair come from? I certainly did not expect to become a hobbit in my elder years, but the nose hair is just plain weird.  I suppose that I should be glad that I don't have to deal with ear hair like older men, but I am still going to complain about the toe hair.

We watched the first part of the History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys last night.  I cannot fathom getting worked up over some of the things that those families did.  One thing that I noticed tonight is that, based on their behaviors, most of the women on both sides of the family thought their men were idiots.  While I love my family, I understand their foibles, and I don't feel the urge to defend them if they are being pigheaded about something.  I'm certainly not going to hate an entire bloodline forever just because my grandfather's cousin on my mother's side had a pig stolen.  Although, I might get a bit irate if the pig had been a rare cookie recipe...

Speaking of feuds, my remaining two cats, Pounce and Zena, have been feuding since Zena arrived almost two years ago.  Zena was interested in being friendly, not realizing that Pounce is, well...insane.  Right now we have a downstairs(Zena) and an upstairs cat(Pounce), and an uneasy truce.  I appear to be Switzerland, since both cats adore me.  But I don't hold out hope that the two cats will suddenly become best buds; Zane has been in this house going on five years, and Pounce still hisses and runs from him.

I have noticed that the more "well off" women do not have the fake fingernails. They talk all about the pedicures, but don't seem to do more than trim and file their nails. Is that just something happening here or is it an all over thing?  It could have been happening all along, and I only just now noticed.  I seem to either pay attention to everything(before child) or pay attention to nothing(after child).   

Every time I see someone tossing a lit cigarette out of the window of their car, I want to run them off the side of the road, pull them out of their car by the scruff of their neck, walk them to where the cigarette fell, rub their nose in the mess, and yell, "BAD!!!!"  Is that too extreme a reaction?  Maybe if everyone had that reaction, nobody would do it.  It is not about the smoking--that's your decision.  However, random sparks from cigarettes will start a grass fire if the conditions are right, and grass fires kill.  I don't want to see any fire burning any place that doesn't have something grilling above it.

I'm swinging by Stacy Uncorked today, just to see if there's any new wines to try...



  1. Out here we have forest fire issues. Tossing a lit cigarette is just plain stupid.

  2. I'm giggling over your hairy situation...I've always had hairy big toes - even though it's light blonde, it's always bugged me, so I shave my big toes when I'm shaving the blonde hair off my legs...so you're not alone! ;)

    We haven't watched the Hatfield and McCoys yet - we'll be watching Part 1 tonight (we prefer DVR-ing stuff and fast forwarding through annoying commercials...no way my hubby could sit still for 2 hours). ;)

    We have cat feuds going on, too - one of the reasons why we kept Zelda as the house cat and relocated Link as the Summer House cat. When they both escape into the backyard the feud is on! :)

    Hmmmm...I simply trim and file my nails - wonder if that means I'm 'well off'? ;)

    I have that same urge you do when seeing someone toss a lit cigarette butt out their car window...drives me crazy!

    Stifling Heat, Laundry Flood and Twitter Fun

  3. Don't even get me started on those people who throw stuff- especially cigarettes- out the window. I would love to see someone throw it back in the car. ha ha

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. I feel the same way about people who throw cigarettes out the window and ESPECIALLY the ones smoking as they near the grocery store then just throw it outside the door. Who do you even think you are?!?, I want to shout.

  5. I totally have nose hair and I have to "take care of it" with my husbands clippers. That shiz gets long and it's disgusting!

    I feel the same way about people throwing ANYTHING out the window. It's infuriating.

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. i have noticed that concerning the manicure thing---hilarious post!


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