Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Day in Random

I am glad that hurricane season is finally here. Not that I want the death and destruction that comes with a hurricane. I just want the rain. Lots and lots of steady rain. We are still in a drought here, and the summer heat will pull even more moisture from the air.  I'm not worried about the cacti. It's all the other plants and trees that I don't want to lose.  Not to mention all the critters that will come looking for water and scare the bejeebers out of my husband. 

The San Antonio Spurs are my favorite basketball team, let's just get that out of the way.  I am not a huge basketball fanatic.  But I like the Spurs.   They don't talk smack.  People talk smack about them, and they don't respond, or they just laugh.  The Spurs don't deliberately hurt other players.  Even Dennis Rodman made a Herculean effort to behave himself when he was a Spur.  The Spurs are just nice people.  Oh, and they also play some killer b-ball. 

My husband likes to go to Wal-mart.  Not for any actual shopping, mind you.  He was looking for this particular spider:

What he was actually asked to go to the store for was milk.   Do other husbands hit the store for one thing and come home with something completely different?  I want to know!   But the older Lego kids often remain closed until their owner reaches the appropriate age, so I'll be looking at the spider for awhile.

Am I the only person who noticed that the Lady Antebellum song "Need You Now"  is actually a booty call?  Yep, it's after 1am, and I'm drunk, so get your butt over here NOW for some lovin'!   So romantic, these kids today!   I suppose it keeps them off the street.  

WKRP in Cincinnati was one of the funniest shows on television, back in the day.  Sometimes I miss Herb Tarlek.  And Venus Flytrap.  And Les Nesman.  Occasionally I will get tape, and in his honor, make myself a door for my cubicle.  That always makes me smile. 

And now, from the random child files:  "Frogs are naked!"  Yes, indeed they are naked.  As God intended.  We would probably freak if they started wearing clothing.  Frogs would probably be snappy dressers. 



  1. That's the exact same reason I have always loved the Spurs; they're good sportsmen. I hope they have what it takes to win it all, especially for Duncan. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I know what you mean about appreciating the rain - especially to keep the critters away that would be seeking water. ;)

    Princess Nagger wanted me to get her that spider...I talked her into something less creepy looking. My hubby will definitely come home with extra stuff outside the list I give him - it must be a guy thing. :)

    HA! I noticed the same thing about that Lady Antebellum song!

    WKRP in Cincinnati was such a funny show! I never saw it when it was on, but have enjoyed seeing episodes after the fact. ;)

    It would be creepy to see a frog dressed up - but you're right, they'd probably be snappy dressers! :)

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  3. Did y'all get some of that rain last week? After all the rain we had earlier this year we went from severe drought to normal. Hooray! But I hope y'all get a lot of rain. Soon. I know how it feels to watch your plants wither away. The drought last year killed our garden and one tree... and almost all our grass. We kept getting letters from our HOA about our tree and grass. I mean, really? We were in a watering ban. And a severe drought. What did they want us to do??

  4. We need rain too. Everything is turning brown but not like your brown, I'm sure. Chi-town is not that desperate yet.

    Rodman was a character when he was with the Bulls but a good player. We would have been right there with your "beloved" if D. Rose and other injuries didn't hurt us!

    My husband offers to run some errands and it never fails that he makes a stop at Costco, which he loves BTW, and buys more than we have space to contain.

  5. And the men children take too long at the store, what with all of the browsing for things they weren't sent out for! Thought of you when the son placed his Lego.com order...he had to get the free hulk minifigs and lord of the rings poster...yahoo! Oh, WKRP!

  6. Hey I LOVE "need you now!!" Hmmm...maybe I can relate from my past? lol

  7. My Lego loving son has not yet found the Lord of the Rings Lego sets. He's happy with the Star Wars ones and I am ever so happy he's happy. That spider is creepy.

    Frogs are indeed naked and my oldest would love too have a naked frog living in our house. I'm not so sure.

  8. You can watch WKRP on metv. My husband loves WRKP, probably because he was in radio and that is almost exactly like it was 30 years ago.


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