Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Signs of Spring

I have two mountain laurels in my front yard.  One of them is blooming, and I have been loving it.  There is nothing like the smell of a mountain laurel tree in bloom.  It's sort of a grape kool-aid smell, but underneath that are notes of something else.  I have yet to identify what it is, even after all these years, but I am in no hurry.  I may figure it out, I may not.  Still, I feel that it is necessary to stop and smell the mountain laurel while you can. 

It means that spring is about to show up here in these parts.  The arrival of the barn swallows outside our front door will clinch it. 


  1. We're about this-close to spring too. I woke up to mourning doves cooing in one of our trees this AM. I've not heard them since fall. The end of this months seals the deal for me. Come on March!!!!!

  2. I can't believe spring is coming when we haven't truly seen winter yet!

  3. I love when nature provides these clues! I've never smelled these before, but I love grape scents, so I feel like I need to find them. The winter has been so unbelievably kind this year. I'm still crossing my fingers that New York doesn't experience an extended winter to make up for how mild it has been so far.


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