Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nature Shows

We let Zane watch nature shows.  Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery, etc., are on our channel rotation.  Zane loves Monster Bug Wars!  right now, but Planet Earth has had some heavy rotation, particularly the Cave episode.  That episode featured the Texas Blind Salamander, who lives in caves under the San Marcos area. Zane loves that salamander.  It is kind of cute, don't you think?  Maybe it's just me.

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Some people have hollered at me about letting Zane watch these shows.  Zane is too young to watch lions stalking and killing things, I've heard.  He shouldn't be watching terrible things like animals getting murdered and eaten!  I'm off the Mother of the Year list, apparently.  And I'm okay with that.  Zane needs to learn that the world is not all about fluffy bunny slippers, and where best to learn that?  I'm certainly not planning on a trip to Africa any time soon.   There are many valuable life lessons to be gleaned from watching nature shows.  Every living organism out there has to eat, for instance. As far as I know, Pizza Hut does not deliver to the Serengeti, so lions and other animals have to find their own food.  See--valuable life lesson right there!

I've been more grossed out watching Monster Bug Wars! than what they show on the Nat Geo shows.   I really would not want to be food for a giant scorpion, for instance.  Or praying mantis(is plural 'mantises' or 'manti'?).  Those bugs don't tend to wait for their dinner to die before they start ripping and chewing.  Ew.

 Zane and I have learned quite a bit from watching the insect shows.  For instance,  black widow spiders like to hang out in dark places.  Scorpions like to hang out in dark places.  Boots and most shoes have dark places.  How do most bites by these critters happen?  People sticking their feet in their boots and shoes without shaking them out first.

And YES!!!!  Praying mantids will eat birds and small mammals!  So if you ever get shrunk down to insect size, you are probably better off not venturing into the garden.  

I have not had to say anything to Zane about leaving his shoes outside since we saw that episode.  Not one word.  See?


  1. Maybe folks think mild disney cartoon movies with gruesome kills like the lion king are somehow better....or harrowing tales like finding memo...and various others where there is no momma for the characters to snuggle up to. Learning is cool, even moreso that you're doing it together! :)

  2. If it's a cartoon? OBVIOUSLY these things won't happen in the "real world." Le sigh. People are ridiculous. My daughter likes to read books about the human body and it's inner workings. HER DOCTOR discovered me reading the "inner ear" book to her and lost it on me. I was being negligent with her delicate emotions, when she's the one who wanted to know more! As Moms, we know what's best.

  3. Funny. I think it's great that this is what you watch WITH your kids. I can't believe that any one would want you to watch anything else with them...

  4. We have Planet Earth on high rotation here. And Billy the Exterminator. I can't stand that guy buy he sure did come in handy when I was sick...


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