Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Miss The Intellectual Discussions

My hubs and I often discuss Tolkien. As in J.R.R.  I think that Larry mentions Tolkien and his books almost every day.  I've read Tolkien's books once; Larry has read them 14,000 times.   Now that The Hobbit is going to be a reality, Tolkien might as well be sitting on our couch.  Except that I think that he smoked a pipe, and we don't allow smoking in the house. 

It is almost impossible for Larry and I to have intellectual conversations these days, I have sadly noted. Children will do that to you. I often go several days without ever completing a sentence. Constant interruptions tend to derail any train of thought that might be leaving the station, and when it is all over, Larry and I often both find ourselves at a loss with regard to what we were even talking about.  But BC(before child), we often had very intense discussions that did not involve which children's movie we could stomach over repeated viewings.

I often joke that I had to give up half of my IQ to my kid, but I am beginning to think that is true.  If it weren't for this blog, which makes me stop and think coherently, I might degenerate into a monosyllabic creature, only seen at rare intervals. 

But a couple of weeks ago, I commented that perhaps, based on information gleaned from his biography, Tolkien might have had Aspergers. Larry was affronted; I had maligned a great man. I pointed out that it was impossible to know conclusively that Tolkien had Aspergers; I was merely wondering out loud if the disorder might have been part of what made Tolkien who he was.

Tolkien created an entire language, Quenya. That alone was probably a pretty massive undertaking. He started when he was twelve, I think.  But then Tolkien decided that his language needed some back story.  This is how Middle Earth came to be.  That sort of hyperfocus could have come from someone with Aspergers, in my opinion.

Larry disagreed, but we never actually got to finish our discussion because Zane entered the room.  A couple of days later, I remembered our conversation, and I asked Larry about it.  I wanted him to tell me why he disagreed with me; it was an effort to continue our discussion. I was actually proud of myself for remembering that we had the conversation in the first place. 

My husband looked at me like I was insane.  He had no idea what the heck I was talking about.  It figures.

P.S.  Happy Elvis' birthday!  I plan on having a peanut butter and banana sandwich to celebrate. 


  1. Girl. GIRL. Wait, what was I going to say? After 2 kids I'm pretty sure I don't have enough brain cells left to rub together to start a thought. Also, that is a crazy theory about Tolkien. I never even thought about that. Then again, I often wonder if I have Asperger's or some other mild spectrum disorder. I don't deal well with stimulation (that's what SHE said.)

  2. Now that the girls are grown, it seems all we talk about is the dogs.

  3. I KNOW i've lost 2/3 of my IQ. Half the time I can't even remember yesterday let alone.. conversations lol I've recently came to the conclusion that.. if I don't write it down, it'll be lost in the black hole of my mind. I seriously go through the day (when the hubs is working) that if I need to ask/talk to him about something i either TEXT or email him as soon as its in my mind.. or write it down to talk about it later. Most of the time we text. 80% of our important conversations are done via text.. no interruptions lol BUT! It's what works! (thus far)

  4. Whenever my husband says "I'll tell you later",I respond with something along the lines of "Oh, you mean when we have two sets of ears glued to whatever we are saying, or eagle ears who hears everything from his PS3 lair in the basement? Or in between me waiting on them hand and you think I want to listen to you then?"....I am quite a catch!

  5. You too?? :) I'm starting to believe finishing a sentence is overrated. It's like I create dozens of little mysteries, all day long.

  6. Yes, please correct my spelling! OCD is good. But really? Trying to continue a conversation with your husband a few days later? Silly you....


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