Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa's Dilemma

Note: After yesterday's complete downer, I'm posting something more lighthearted, because I really am trying to be more positive and cheerful. Really. It's not just a rumor! Again, apologies if I upset anyone yesterday. Also, I received a very lovely award from my friend Andrea and I will talk about that soon, I promise!

I've previously spoken of my need to get the "perfect" gift, and that need applies to making sure that my son has a wonderful time on Christmas morning. Zane is old enough that he can speak about what he likes, or does not like. He is very emphatic about it, at least for that moment. My husband and I were foolish enough to believe that this would make our Christmas shopping easier. Zane would tell us what he wanted, and mysteriously--without a chimney in sight--Santa would have that magical gift underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

Did I mention that I am learning this parenting thing as I go?

"What presents would you like for Santa to bring you, Zane?" I asked my son two weeks ago as we were driving home from daycare. He's not old enough to "make a list", so we had to drag it out of him between statements regarding which kid passed gas that day.

"All of them." Yep--That was a verbatim quote.

That was no help. We can't just arrive at the Toys'R'Us and tell the cashier that we want "All" of the toys. Where would we put them, especially since we'd have to sell the house to pay for them all? My husband and I agreed to try later a couple of days later, thinking that perhaps the idea needed to germinate a bit.

"Zane, what would you like for a Christmas present?" I asked him at lunch with the entire family. I thought that the presence of the grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins might be an inspiration.

"A reindeer," the boy announced. There was a collective "huh?" on all of our faces.

"A reindeer? Where are you going to put it?" my mother asked him.

"In the backyard."

Never mind the logistics of actually getting a reindeer; I am pretty sure that it is too darn hot here for that particular species. Plus, hunters are drawn like flies toward anything they can possibly shoot and eat. So no reindeer.

I tried again the next day.

"Zane, what would you like for Christmas?" I even clarified. "What would you like for Santa to bring to you as a present?"

"I don't want anything." Zane told me. "I have too many toys."

"Who are you and what have you done with my child?" I felt his forehead for signs of fever, and then Zane felt MY forehead to see if I had a fever. I may have hallucinated the entire exchange, after all. As much as I would love to applaud the altruism my child expressed, we all know what would happen if I took him at his word and there were no presents Christmas morning. Hell hath no fury like a child denied Christmas presents.

My husband and I have taken turns every single day to get some kind of consistent answer, since the deadline is looming. He's still interested in the reindeer, and he mentioned that he wanted a steam train...and dinosaurs, specifically a T-Rex...and Batman...and Legos...and a Christmas tree.

Anybody know how much it costs to ship a reindeer?


  1. Probably about the same as it costs to get a full fledged merry go round in the back yard. Yup, that's what my kid wants....

  2. How about the little characters from Rudolph? Or one from Build a Bear?

  3. @lizbeth--today he wants Frodo.

    @andrea--he didn't like Rudolph, for some reason! How can you not like that shiny red nose?


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