Monday, December 19, 2011

The A-List: Christmas Edition

I would like to say that I easily slip into the spirit of the season, but I would be lying.   A lot of the trappings of the holiday season get on my nerves. Putting Christmas stuff out in September? Hate it.  Radio stations playing 24/7 Christmas music for a couple of months?  Makes me want to fill my ears with eggnog.  You get the idea.

There are some things that I do like about the holiday, however. Today's A-list is dedicated to things that I can tolerate during the days leading up to Christmas. 

1. A Christmas Story.   This is the very best Christmas movie ever.  I triple-dog-dare anyone to say different.  This movie is funny.  Ralphie is every kid out there who dreams of a perfect Christmas morning.  After all the syrupy-sweet feel-good holiday movies have put you into a diabetic coma, this movie is a huge relief.

2. Fudge.  The only time I ever make or eat fudge is around Christmas time.  There's something about this time of the year that makes me want to eat about fifteen pounds of fudge.  I should just strap it to my thighs, since that is probably where it ends up, but I like to savor every delicious sugary bite

3. Flannel.  It's colder at this time of the year.  It is the perfect time for me to break out my comfy flannel jammies.  I certainly can't wear them in July when it is hotter than the surface of the sun.   Everything feels better when you're in your comfy flannel jammies. 

4. Sleeping.  My husband tends to rise early no matter what, while I am generally comatose until about ten in the morning.  I love to sleep in, which to me means not having to get up at 6am.  It is awesome that I get a two-week opportunity to do this, even if it is not every day. 

5. The Hallelujah Chorus.  This song is perfection.  I don't think that anyone can hear this song and not feel uplifted, no matter what your beliefs are.  The music is that good.  Even though Handel wrote this while on a huge manic high, he got it right.

So...what do you like about this time of the year?


  1. That video is great!!

    And thanks for the award!!! Muwwwahh!

  2. I'm one of those jackasses who love everything about Christmas! (And I love that video and that music! Have you seen the one by the Silent Monks? Hilarious!)

  3. Holy shit do I love fudge. Though I do have it during the summer down the shore too... (east coaster).

    I love Christmas cookies. MMmmm...cookies.

  4. A Christmas Story is my all time favorite!! I must have watched it well over 50 times! One of my favorite scenes is when the mother says "Who's Mommy's little piggy????" lol!! Actually I am formerly from Cleveland where the majority of the movie was filmed. I was living there at that time. I used to wait for the bus to go to work right outside the window that is decorated for Christmas (the store is Higbee's) and really did exist! They still have the "Christmas Story" house there.

    I also ADORE flannel and even sleep on flannel sheets...they are sooooo warm and cozy!

    Loved this post!

  5. You'll shoot your eye out! I can;t figure out what I like this year...I mean I love it all in that obligatory sense, but what am I liking? Besides the smiles on my children's faces?

  6. I usually comment on the writing side, however, I really like your everyday blog. This is a great list, and I agree with all of it, especially A Christmas Story and the fudge.


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