Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Comment on Comments

I've found something else to worry about. (Amazing how that works with us anxious types.) I seem to be worrying about comments. I am not really sure why; I probably should be worrying about more important things like whether those zombies on the Walking Dead are coming up the staircase. I could be worrying about whether or not I am going to have time to get everything done for Christmas. Yet here I am, worrying about comments.

While I generally blog because I want to write, I have found that I love getting comments to my blog posts. When I see that I have a comment, even a single one, I feel that rush of endorphins that signals pleasure. Just knowing that someone out there read what I wrote and cared enough to the words of several teen girls I know..."SQUEEE!!!"

And I REALLY get all squeal-y when people that I consider awesome writers/bloggers comment favorably on something that I've written. There are some incredibly witty and creative people out there in the blogosphere, and it is exciting when they notice me. Sort of like getting asked to dance by somebody dreamy. Even when there is constructive criticism thrown in there, I still love it.

By the same token, I hate to see a blog without comments. It's like the last puppy in the box that nobody wants because he's a funny color. And since I am one of those "root for the underdog" people, I find myself at least trying to leave a comment. This is not always possible; I read blogs on my phone, and the keyboard is very tiny and sometimes uncooperative. Sometimes I'll tweet the blog post, if it won't let me comment. The important thing is that I do try to acknowledge someone's efforts. I feel obligated to "pay it forward", I guess.

And speaking of paying things forward, I got this wonderful blogging award from none other than SUPAHMAMA over at Domestic Mischief. She hearts me, and I heart her right back!


Other wonderful blogs that I make an extra special effort to read and that I highly recommend are

1. Amazing Australian Adventures This is one of the best travel blogs that I've seen. Red takes her travel seriously and I love seeing Australia(Oz) through her wonderfully descriptive eyes. She takes a mean photo, too! Check out her series on public toilets--it's hilarious as well as educational.

2. Maybe It's Just Me Andrea and I have a tempestuous email relationship going on, formed over our mutual love of her cooking. Well, she cooks and takes pictures of glorious sugar-laden treats, and I drool over them. Sometimes she shares her recipes with me. And she is a pretty awesome photographer too!

3. Four Sea Stars I'm pretty sure that if Lizbeth lived anywhere near me, the world's supply of margarita mix would be in serious jeopardy. I giggle an awful lot when I read her blog. I think I sound girl-ish, but my husband has started calling me Renfield, so I don't know. Lizbeth is being stalked by her mother on the internet(Hi, Lizbeth's mom!), which is as good a reason as any to start drinking before noon.

4. In Whispers and Shouts Betsy lives in Texas somewhere, which is always an excellent character reference. She likes to post recipes of extremely yummy stuff, so it is probably a good thing that she lives far away from me; I'd be at her house all the time, eating. I'd tell people that I was storing fat for the winter.

5. Do Sweat the Small Stuff This lady can write. I love to read her blog because she really knows how to turn a phrase, to set a stage, and bring you with her. I suppose that I should be jealous, and maybe I am, a little, but mostly I'm enthralled.

Now it is your turn! Are there any great blogs that you heart? Please share!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much! Your blog is one of my first stops every day. I love the way you write, and how your words often make me stop to think. I am going to make a special batch of cookies for you, that I will take a photograph of to share before I promptly consume them!

  2. Aww!! I feel like I should give a speech or something. "I'd like to thank my mom for all the cooking inspiration and my 11th grade english teacher for the writing inspiration..." Seriously, though, thank you! It's my first blogging award and I'm honored to get it from you! I always look forward to reading what we've posted on here. <3 u!!

    On a zombie related note, I once worried about zombie attacks. But, remember, we live in Texas. Everyone has a gun. Heck, our grannies have guns. It's the folks in, say, California that we should be worried for. Like I tell all of my non-gun friendly friends-- in case of a zombie attack, head south!! We've got enough guns to go around. And we're good shots. And we're known for hospitality. We've gotcha covered!

  3. A couple of those are on my blog list as well!

    I feel almost exactly the same way about comments. Sometimes I just leave "good blog" because I don't feel like I have anything to add, but I want the author to know that I stopped by for a visit.

    On weekends and holidays I'm a comment slacker, and I hate commenting via iphone. . . but all other times most bloggers probably think, "alright, who IS this guy? What are we? Best friends or something?? Give me some space!!" But mostly everyone is accepting of random blog commenters. . . unless they're total jagoffs.

  4. I feel exactly the same way! :-) I do love receiving comments even though that's not why I write, and I also believe in "paying it forward". :-) Thanks for sharing this!

  5. we try to stop by and read yours whenever we can and when we do we nearly ALWAYS leave a comment.

    We follow over 300 blogs so it is virtually impossible to pick anyone to add to your list because there are so many.

  6. OMIGOD!! (yes, you are SO going to have to correct my spelling today!!) That's SUCH a great accolade from you - because just between us, yours is the ONLY motherblogger type blog I read!! And that's because your title is SPOT ON!!! Thanx so much again ... I'll for sure have a great weekend now!!!


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