Monday, October 24, 2011

What a trip, Man!

Texas is a big state. It doesn't seem like it most of the time, because the areas that I travel are relatively close in Texas terms, but this state is huge. And San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation. (I KNOW!!! I didn't believe it either!) So a quick trip isn't always quick.

We got into the car this past weekend to drive to Hondo, Texas. A friend of ours was having her son's third birthday party there at a corn maze. 55 miles away, normally not even a blink for us. Zane was all excited about going to see his friend, even after playing in his soccer game. We left the soccer game and headed to Hondo.

But then something random happened.

My husband, who always uses GPS, decided to NOT use GPS. Instead, he relied on me. Exhausted, frazzled, had-a-very-bad-week-and-fighting-off-illness me. The person who was not speaking in complete sentences.

That person.

I knew that Hondo is west of San Antonio, heading out Highway 90. In our fair city, the highways have a way of changing numbers right in the middle of everything. For example, 281 becomes 37 at some point, then goes back to being 281. 35 becomes 410...but wait, now it is 181. I think. Confusing, isn't it? Interstate 10, during your trip through San Antonio, mingles with Highway 90. So...I thought that we were supposed to take I-10 West. And that is what we did.

We are cruising along about an hour, into the Hill Country, hitting the city limits of Kerrville, when I realize that we are on the wrong highway. Yes, it took me THAT long to realize we were not where we should be.

And then I had to tell my husband that I had failed miserably as the navigator on this particular mission. Of course he had to give me a hard time about it, because I'm the one who always knows exactly where we are going. Since my husband had already texted the woman having the party to say that we would be at the party, we were committed to getting there.

My husband plugged in his GPS, and though we ended up adding 47 more miles to our trip, we finally found the corn maze. Everyone else at the party was completely exhausted; they'd been through the maze, had the cake, opened the presents, etc. They were just waiting for us. Zane was cranky, because he had fought falling asleep so he could see his friend. And it was hot and dusty. We wandered around. The place had several very old and huge live oak trees that offered some shade. We found some goats to look at, and a tractor to pose on, and a really cool spider web made of rope. We stayed about an hour, then trudged back to the car. I ended up having to carry Zane.


Did I mention that we had ANOTHER birthday party to attend after that? 55 miles in the opposite direction? We did. Another child's birthday party.

At least this party had a horse.

And beer.


  1. I would have question!

  2. Oh, I did cry, but not until the next day. I was too tired to cry the day before!


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