Monday, October 17, 2011

Product Review/Giveaway: Snapsac

I am going to try something new today, because trying new things is supposed to be good for you. A very nice lady over at Snapsac sent me this re-usable shopping bag, completely out of the blue. The Snapsac logo is "Smart. Stylish. Shopping." I am not your garden variety shopper, and I am really not considered stylish, but I have on occasion been told that I am smart. Therefore, I am willing to give this review and giveaway a shot.

When I got the package home and opened it, I found this:


I am all for re-usable shopping bags, because I hate plastic bags. I buy re-usable all the time, at just about every store. Why do I buy them at every store? Because I forget all about them being in the trunk of my car. If I had a bag or two that I could just fold up and slip into my purse, then I wouldn't have to worry about remembering where they were. The Snapsac was made for forgetful people like me, which is awesome. No more buying bags at the checkout line!

Then I unfolded the bag.


I am a basic black sort of girl, but the colors of this Snapsac are sharp. This is the "super" tote, and it is a good sized bag. This particular size would be good for a trip to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving(which I would never do!). A shopper could fit the makings of the entire dinner in the bag, including the turkey, a roasting pan, aluminum foil, green beans, fried onions, stuffing, and the pumpkin pie. I know this because I actually went to my local grocery store and put all these items in the bag to see if they would fit. I was pretty impressed. I was even more impressed when I was able to pick the bag up without any obvious signs of tearing or shredding from the weight. The Snapsac is actually pretty sturdy; it looks none the worse for wear!

My only real problem with the Snapsac is more a reflection of my poor spatial skills; I have been unable to put the bag back into its original snazzy shape. I was horrible at that origami, too. Maybe the company can offer a bag with dotted lines and other directions written on the bag for people like me. The cost of the Snapsac is negligible; the bags that you buy in the checkout line are at least a buck, and they don't hold together well. This Snapsac that I tried out can hold at least the content of three or four of those bags. Stylish AND economical!

Bottom line: Would I buy it? Yes.

I get to give one of these away to a lucky person. Leave your email in the comments if you think that you would like this bag. I am not going to go to a lot of trouble to draw the name; this is a low-budget operation at this stage. I will write all of the names on a piece of paper and have my son pull one out of a jar. The winner will be selected before Friday, Oct 21st, if not sooner. Good luck!



  1. I know I would like this bag, not only because I love having a bag in my purse, but also because I like the challenge of trying to fold it back up!

  2. Love it!! And I do the same thing--I think I have at least 5 reusable bags in my car right now!!!

  3. Ooops, I forgot to put my email, so I hope you didn't disqualify me, as I see Lizbeth followed the

  4. Sign me up. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

    My problem is that I remember the bags when I get to the store and realize that I don't have any in the car (they're still in the kitchen).


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