Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Now With More Chocolate!

Halloween is a big deal for my husband. Actually, most holidays are big deals for my husband, but Halloween is one of the biggest ever since our son came along. Larry starts planning for Halloween months in advance, looking at costumes for Zane. Although Zane's first Halloween was spent in the NICU, in the years following he's been Yoda, a pirate, and a knight in shining armor. We have kept the costumes after the holiday; Zane likes to play dress up, like any kid.

This year, my husband asked Zane what he wanted to be.

"Robin," my son replied immediately. "And you be Batman."

"You want me to be Batman?" Larry had not anticipated this response. He had planned for Zane to be a Star Wars character, so he could play Darth Vader. Larry had his heart set on being Darth Vader! But yes, indeed, Zane wanted to be Robin, and he wanted his father to join him as Batman.

This was an even bigger deal for Larry; a father-son Halloween event! Larry googled Batman and Robin costumes almost immediately. Not just any Robin costume would do; Zane wanted to be the Robin from the television show Young Justice. And the Batman could not look shabby; it had to be the RIGHT Batman. With the correct ears. When the costumes arrived, Zane's outfit, minus the plastic mask, was declared a success. Larry's outfit required that another set of Batman ears be located, and the cape was pronounced a bust because you could see through it. Many trips to Halloween stores all over town later, the outfit was complete. The Father-Son Halloween event will be a blockbuster hit! Male bonding will occur!! Candy will be shared!!

My job tonight? Staying at home and handing out the candy to trick or treaters.

No costume. No frills. No fanfare.

I'm scary enough without all that!


  1. I love that they are having their caped crusade dude night! I think your other job is to make sure the camera battry is charged because that is going to be very cute! Cute? No, that is not an appropriate super hero description...Zap! Pow! Holy Awesome Batman!

  2. Rick does the stroll with Kyra as well, although usually not in costume. And I have the stay at home and hand out candy role.

    Of course, Rick says he will be dressed as a disgruntled government employed Family therapist. Meaning, not changing clothes before they hit the streets.


  3. That's a great story. I like that your husband likes Halloween so much.

    My son was upset because I only bought chocolate candy. I said, "What other kind of candy is there?"

    Signed, a Chocaholic:)

  4. That is so sweet! I love the holiday's too. You and your husband are creating such great memories!


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