Friday, July 15, 2011

Randomosity-Political Edition

I thought that I just made the word "randomosity" up, but I didn't. I'm annoyed about that, because it is my most fervent desire to invent a word that ends up in Merriam-Webster.

I can't actually talk about politics with people I know, because they get very emotional in their knee-jerk reactions and that makes me nervous. I do enjoy discussing/debating politics in a calm and respectful manner, because I always learn something, and sometimes after hearing another viewpoint, I may change my mind.

Politics is about COMPROMISE, not screaming that the other side is completely wrong about everything, no matter what they say. Politicians who don't understand that need to be sent home, immediately.

If you need an AK-47 to shoot a deer, then you suck as a hunter.

Also, putting out deer corn and shooting whatever shows up is not hunting. It's fishing.

If our children are truly our future, shouldn't we as a nation make sure they are all healthy and fed and educated? Seems to me that that should be our number one priority in any budget.

There should be some sort of guide out there that lists every single acronym and what they mean, because I sometimes get my ERAs and my PARAs with the NRAs mixed up. It's very embarrassing.

Geometry is a secret plot by mathematicians to take over the world. I'm not kidding. Just ask any high school student.

Do people who don't pay their taxes apply for Medicare or Social Security benefits? If so, does a government employee show up at their house just to slap them silly?

So you were sexually abused as a child, and now the world owes you for that. Guess what? Not gonna happen. Take responsibility and stop seeing yourself as a victim. You're only a victim if you choose to be.

Any non-government organization that says it's okay to use violence to get what they want is a terrorist organization. That means you, PETA and NRA.

If you're an adult and are thought to be reasonably capable of making a decision for yourself, and you choose not to have health insurance, that is okay by me. As long as you understand that the government will not be picking up the tab, and that includes disability payments.

If drugs and prostitution were legalized and regulated and then taxed heavily, that would likely eliminate the national debt. In a week.

I read that people sent Casey Anthony money for her prison account so she could buy some extra cheese doodles. Her own parents wouldn't give her money for a reason. Did anyone think to ask why?

If you feel that the government 'oppresses' you, then leave the freakin' country. Nobody is stopping you from going somewhere else where you won't be 'oppressed'. If you choose to stay, then quit whining.

I hope that I didn't get anyone up in arms about what I wrote about today. If you feel differently, tell me in the comments, but try to keep it civil. I don't have any tissues in the house right now.


  1. Wow...I will not go into specifics...but I agree with the majority of what you say here!! It is time for our country to return to some common sense,tough, no whining, thinking! Good job and I like the word...wish you had invented it!!

  2. "As long as you understand that the government will not be picking up the tab, and that includes disability payments. " I don't think you have to worry about that. I mean, who ever expects to magically be covered by health care without paying anything?

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  3. Actually, there are people like that. They are the ones who keep on talking about health care reform when they don't want any of the responsibilities entailing such reform in their own hands.

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