Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is Good for the Kid is Good For the Daddy

I have been trying for years to get my husband to eat more fruits and veggies. He is a picky eater, and is always hesitant to try new things, so this has not been an easy task for me.

My son is also a very picky eater. If you put a veggie in front of him he will snub it. It's "chicken nuggets and french fries(he NEVER eats the french fries, even though he orders them)", or "Waffles", or "Biscuits" or "Popcorn".

My son eats a lot of white food, have you noticed?

I've noticed.

Sometimes Zane adds other items to his short menu.

"Zane, what would you like to eat at the restaurant?" My mother asked him. We were on our way to a new joint to try out their fried chicken.

"Chicken nuggets, french fries, ketchup, and Wonder Woman," Zane told her.

Everyone in the car paused, and the ones who weren't driving requested clarification from Zane. Zane was actually wanting watermelon, which sounds a bit like Wonder Woman. You can see how we might be confused occasionally. It's like you're learning a foreign language, and you've got the basics. But the idioms and colloquialisms kill you.

This place, it turns out, does not sell chicken nuggets. No french fries. They did have rolls and ketchup, but Wonder Woman was not on the menu. They did have ham hocks, fried chicken, and catfish. They had actual vegetables--collard greens, cabbage, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, and rice.

Great, I think. What the heck am I going to get for this kid to eat? I improvised and ordered him some chicken legs and some rice. Unfortunately the lady serving us wouldn't let me leave it at that, and added squash and collard greens. Zane was not happy.

We sat down, and encouraged Zane to eat. We cut up part of the chicken so he would think it was a chicken nugget. He ate two rolls; he didn't buy it. Zane's father had to say that the chicken was good and eat a couple of pieces before Zane would try it. He liked it, so the "chicken leg" may finally be included on Zane's short list.

Larry then tried to get Zane to eat some squash. Larry even took a couple of bites himself. Zane is having none of that.

"Come on Zane, just try some of this," Larry said. "Just one bite."

"No, Daddy," Zane replied. "YOU eat it, Daddy. It's good for you!

All of us at the table, laughed very out loud. And my dearest husband has learned that if he wants his son to follow in his footsteps, maybe there should be more vegetables on his plate.


  1. Ah that's too funny..."do as I say, not as I do", eh? xxx

  2. Kids are really funny about their food. Kyra was a white food eater when she was little. Then she would eat meatballs but not burgers. We have reached a salad and veggie eating point and she loves cheeseburgers. So you never know. :)

  3. that is too funny, sadly, that is me and my son


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