Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Writing Hood: Physical Beauty

Note: This week we asked you to show us how physical beauty can open doors - or close them. How does it make an impact? This is fiction, of course.

She walked into the restaurant, and every head, man and woman, turned to stare. Since I was facing the door, I spotted her before my husband did, but he ended up swiveling around in his seat to look, and I didn't even mind.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Half of us in that place fell in love with her right then.

Even the heads of statues would turn to stare at this icon of perfection.

Tall. Statuesque. Hour-glass figure, sheathed in a designer version of the Little Black Dress which showcased her long, well-shaped legs. Her entrance was so graceful that she seemed to glide, as if the very air parted in deference to her beauty.

Long, dark hair that shone brilliantly, parted in the middle around an oval of pristine skin. A nose that had never required a plastic surgeon, above exquisitely shaped lips painted the perfect shade of crimson. Eyes so intensely blue that I could see them from my vantage point on the other side of the room, made up artfully to enhance their color.

She was a Vision. A Goddess. Perfection.

Her date stepped up beside her, but he was completely eclipsed by his partner. The woman turned to him and smiled. An almost audible gasp floated into the air from her audience. Of course she had perfect teeth, polished and white! The remaining restaurant guests fell in love with her at that moment.

We all wanted to just sit and stare, feeling that our lives would improve dramatically if we could just bask in her perfection.

The couple were escorted into a private room, guests at some sort of corporate party. As soon as the door closed, there was a release of air as the spell was broken and we all returned to our meal. Well, not all of us

I kicked my husband underneath the table to get his attention; he was still staring in the direction the Vision had gone. I rolled my eyes, thinking that I should probably be jealous that my husband was literally drooling over another woman. But I laughed instead.

"Hey, I saw you looking!" I teased. "You're a married man!"

"You were looking, too!" came the reply.

"Well, she was hot!" I laughed, and we shared that companionable marriage moment as we finished our meal.


  1. Fantastic! I fell in love with her too, right along with everyone in the restaurant. I love how you pulled me back to reality with the humorous end - I was wondering all throughout reading, how will she break this trance? How will this end? Perfectly done - funny and exactly what would have happened if it were my husband and me.

  2. What a great opening description. I could almost hear the hush as this beauty made her way across the room. And your ending...well, that made the whole thing a little more real. Nice!

  3. I thought for a moment she must be Jennifer Lopez or somebody. I loved the great description of the beautiful woman. My fav part was the conversation between husband and wife at the end. Loved how comfortable they are with one another.

  4. Yup - sometimes someone is so beautiful that you can't fault the guy for looking :)

    Except my husband doesn't notice anything. I love to people-watch, and I'll be kicking him under the table to look at someone walking by and he just doesn't get the hint.

  5. 40+ hobbling, oh hopping, over to follow you! Come follow me?

  6. I'm in love with her, too! :)

    I adore your description of a good marriage- the laughter, the teasing, the "companionable" moment. *Sigh* Love that!


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