Sunday, February 20, 2011


Tonight, on the drive home, I noticed that the clouds in the sky had formed up as a huge wing. It extended across my windshield, and I had plenty of time to look at it since it was going my way. Seeing it made me smile. When I see the shapes of wings in the clouds, I think of angels being in the sky looking over us. Yes, I believe that angels exist. You can laugh at me, it's okay.


Every single time I've been at a dark point in my life an angel has shown up. From the time when I was seventeen and saw the shadow of angel wings behind the altar during Mass to the day I took this picture of a man riding a dragon in the sky. An angel has even visited me in the form of a DPS officer with the intense, piercing blue eyes and a very kindly face. There's always been Something or Someone 'Other' around, telling me that whatever my problems, whatever my heartache, it was going to be okay.

Notice that I didn't say that an angel showed up and took care of my problem FOR me, although if one did show up with a check for a couple of million bucks I certainly would be properly grateful. Heaven helps those who help themselves, remember? No, at my lowest points in life, when I am looking for strength, courage, support, and most importantly, hope, the angels are there. My angels have shown up in various ways over the years to give me hope and strength to face my issues and work through them. I am extremely grateful for that.

Although I wouldn't say 'no', if someone did take a few of my responsibilities away for a bit. Like housework. And I would TOTALLY be okay with coming home to a clean house and finding dinner ready every now and then. And maybe if a free masseuse showed up mysteriously...


  1. Wow that is awesome!

    I just found your blog through one of the Sunday blog hops. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Amanda @

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  3. I like that. I have angels too. They don't do my housework either. Wouldn't mind if they did but I guess they have more important things to do. So do I...which is why my house is messy. And gonna stay messy too.

    I answered your post on my chicken post if you want to go read it.

  4. Dropping by to say hi from the crazed fan hop. I want an angel to do my housework. Where do I sign up?

  5. Me too. I could use one right about now. :)
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  6. I am very intrigued with your angels. Thank you for sharing their existence. I believe too.

  7. I absolutely believe in angels!

    Found you through a blog hop - following you now!

    My Boss is Teething

  8. It actually looks like a big jet! Thats pretty cool!

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    Have a great tuesday!

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