Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Small Kindness Counts Big

All around me, people are resolving to do things differently in 2011. They are going to lose 400 pounds, exercise 14 hours a day, and become perfect. This is the year, they tell me. These grandiose plans last about as long as it takes for the average coffeemaker to make a pot of coffee, and then they are dismissed. Until next year, anyway.

What if instead of resolving to be perfect this year, we all resolve to perform one small kindness to one another every day? To say 'hello' and smile to people we pass on the street? To help a grumpy elderly person? To talk for a few minutes with a person who looks lonely? To hold the door open for a mother holding her child and 40 packages? To smile and speak pleasantly to the service people at banks and stores, even when you've waited in a long line?

These are little things, I know. There is certainly nothing grandiose about doing one small kindness for one person every day. I believe that the energy that a person sends out into the world comes back to that person threefold. I also believe that there is too much negativity in the world today, and I know that we as individuals can choose to change our own behavior. However, I think that each of us doing one small kindness for one person every single day will add up to something very grand indeed. I hope that you will resolve to make 2011 a kinder year for all.


  1. I totally beleive in the power of kindness. I'm not religious so kindness is a simple code to live by. I'm your latest follower - - Shah. X

  2. Great advice...
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    Have an abundant 2011! :-)
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  3. I loved this post. I don't mean to toot my own horn (but I will lol)....I let people go ahead of me in line at countless stores (when they have less items than myself or are elderly)...once I bought the newspaper for a man in line (he was elderly), he was shocked!!
    I compliment servers to their managers and other places where I receive outstanding help (this is something MOST do not do!)
    I hold doors, donate to countless charities (and I am out of work)....
    I SMILE....
    Only takes a minute to brighten someone's day!

  4. Lovely post. Small acts of kindness can have a profound ripple effect. XXX

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    this is a great post - very "pay it forward" and i completely agree with making 2011 a kinder year :)


  6. You know, I always feel better when I do things like this. That's the strange thing. Helping someone, smiling at someone, reaching out to someone you know is struggling in even a small way, gives me a boost.

  7. I love this! I say ditto to what bitethebedbugs said!

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  8. Hi! I am following you from the Let's Get Social Sunday blog hop. This is a really good post.I look forward to reading more of your blog. :)I am also an Army Brat.

  9. Great post. I really like this approach and think it's something we should all pay more attention to. Build a community that we want our children to grow up within and set an example that we are all connected and should care about each other. I am also going to lose weight though! :D I will never strive to be perfect - how boring would that be? lol

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