Sunday, January 16, 2011

Naked In The Garden

Last night I was helping my son get ready for bed. He had decided on wearing his Sponge Bob pajamas, and I was looking for the top to go with the bottoms. Having finally found what I was looking for, I turned around. Clothes strewn around his feet, Zane was standing in the doorway of his room, completely naked, his hands on his hips in the classic Superman pose.

"I'm NAKED!!!" He announced proudly, and I had to smile. He was so very happy about being naked. I reflected that most children his age are perfectly happy being in the altogether, and most adults MY age are not. That very awesome joyfulness at just BEING that all little kids have goes away somewhere, and most of us never get that back. That's kind of sad.

Not that I really WANT to see a bunch of people my age running around naked. Ew. If I were to show my own pale backside in public, a dude named Ahab would certainly show up! But it would be nice if more adults could just be who they are in the proverbial garden without worrying about whether they are missing their fig leaf.


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  9. There is NOTHING my kids like better than being naked. It's actually starting to be a bit of a problem :)

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