Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kitchen Adventures!

I decided to bake some brownies today. I wanted some chocolate, and brownies are awesome in that department. Betty Crocker makes wonderful brownies, and they have instructions that are INCREDIBLY easy to follow. With PICTURES!!!! There are pictures of EXACTLY what you will need to make the brownies: eggs, vegetable oil, and water. There are sequenced instructions that start off with TURN ON THE OVEN, IDIOT. Okay, the box really doesn't say that. It's implied. For people like me.

I am nothing if not a direction follower when it comes to food, so I gathered the eggs and the oil and started mixing everything together. There was even some Hershey's syrup to add to the mix. I noticed immediately that the batter was incredibly thick. In fact, it was very difficult to even stir. My hand got tired. It was cramping even! I did not recall brownies ever being this difficult.

I kept glancing at the PICTURES on the back of the box while I was struggling to mix the batter. The PICTURES of the ingredients. The PICTURES... Finally, it hit me, like a slap upside the head from God, that I forgot to put the 1/4 water that was pictured on the back of the brownie box.

Stirring the batter was infinitely easier after that. Now, however, I am worried that I may have contaminated them with my idiocy.

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  1. *smile* I enjoyed that...How did your brownieZ turn out? I am unfortunately on a chocolate fast so I can't entertain ma self to ANY chocolate...I do ENJOY chocolate (hence the fast, due to chocolate OVERLOAD) Eat some brownieZ for me! Have a GREAT Weekend! *smile*


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