Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Fisher Price...

My active, imaginative three year old son wants one of these for Christmas:
Imaginext DC Super Friends Mini Figure Superman

My son LOVES his Imaginext Batman. Zane carries his Batman along on all of his adventures. But he wants Batman to have his friend, Superman, to come along for the ride, just like on Justice League. (Yes, I know that Batman was the Greta Garbo of the superhero world. Everybody is friends in Zane's World.)

And we would very much like to be able to give it to him. However, we cannot find it anywhere on planet Earth because you didn't make nearly as many Supermans as you did the other figures. We have driven all over this part of Texas, we have made phone calls, we have scoured the internet, and the only one we can find is a third party seller on Amazon, who wants twenty dollars for a toy that is supposed to cost five dollars. I don't blame him; the demand for this toy is akin to the search for the One Ring. This should not be.

Fisher Price toys are known for being sturdy and able to survive the vagaries of an active boy's childhood. Your company had to have known that these same boys would want to have Superman. So why didn't you make more of them? I can only conclude that this was intentional on Fisher Price's part. The alternative is that there are several hundred thousand comic book "aficionados" buying up Supermans as part of their retirement plans.

Please put more Supermans out there before Christmas. If you won't do that, could you please send us the coordinates to Krypton? Thanks!

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