Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vote Early, Vote Often!

My husband and I voted this afternoon. We went to a place in Universal City and stood in a short line with a bunch of older people. All of the volunteers were senior citizens too. This made me a little sad at first--it would have been nice to see some younger people particiaping in the election process. Then I realized that most of the younger generation, including myself, have jobs, and therefore are unavailable to spend all day sitting around waiting for people like me to come and vote. Der.

As I was growing up, I never saw my parents vote. When I finally asked about it, my dad said that it didn't really matter to them who was in office, so why bother? My mom never said a word about it, but my mom doesn't talk much unless my dad is being a doofus. But when I started college, my BFF Cathy dragged me to register, then dragged me to vote. Her parents were very interested in politics and discussed the issues and candidates. So I sort of picked up the habit of paying attention to politics. And I vote, because I feel this gives me permission to gripe about whoever is in office that I didn't vote for. Griping is, for me, an Olympic sport.

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