Friday, February 19, 2010

Fridays are Awesome

I am exhausted and my butt hurts from sitting all day.   But I am sitting at my home computer typing, after I spent the day at work sitting at a computer, typing.  But it's different.  It's Friday.

On Fridays I can freely surf the web without worrying that any of the sites I might visit will be blocked, as they are at work(the National PTA website is blocked at my work.  I work at a school district).   I can visit and and icanhascheezburger and peruse them to my heart's content.  I can download porn, if I so choose.  It's exhilarating to have all that freedom.    I hope all that power doesn't go to my head.   On Fridays I can read a book ALL NIGHT long if I want to, like I did when I read Twilight.  Like I used to when I was a kid. 

When I was in my twenties, Fridays were Girls Night Out.  My friends and I would get dressed up and go out dancing.  We were all interested in dancing and drinking and having a good time back then.  The music was always so loud that you couldn't hear anyone talk, which was great; nobody ever says anything mindshatteringly profound in a club anyway.   Nowadays, I much prefer the quiet where I can listen to the sounds of my son sleeping and just be. 

If I play my cards right I can get my husband to let me sleep in tomorrow, even if it's only an extra hour.

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