Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah, the random virus...not the computer type.

Yes, I've been feeling ill all day.  Not nausea--that is my Achilles' heel--but my tummy has been roiling and growling and bloated all day.  I've been burping like I drank a six pack of beer in 30 seconds, but I haven't had that sort of fun since college.  Now I've got the headache, the body aches, the fever, and the just plain sheer exhaustion. 

One of the pitfalls to working in a school district is that you are exposed to all sorts of random viruses that the students bring with them to school.  Contagious diseases spread so fast on a campus that before we even hear about the virus, we have acquired it.  They've done a pretty good job with getting the little kids to wash their hands and wipe their noses with kleenex.  Middle school kids...not so much.  And I work on a middle school campus, as does my husband. 

He was sick today as well.  I had to go pick him up from work and take him home.  He complained about being sick most of the day, via text message.  I briefly mentioned that I didn't feel well either, but Larry was all wrapped up in his stuff.  So I got Zane duty.  I was hoping that my MIL, who has been living with us for going on two years(she was 'just' going to stay "until she got back on her feet"), would step up to the plate and take care of him. Then I could have at least had a quick nap.   But as soon as I mentioned that I didn't feel well and that I had a fever, she immediately said that she didn't feel well either.  Great.  Yeah.  You sit over there on the couch and let the woman with the 101 fever take care of the toddler.  I wanted to say something, but then it would all be my fault somehow.  On top of all that, she fell asleep on the couch. 

So I took care of Zane, like a good mom.  Hopefully I didn't infect him.  I hate it when he's sick.  I feel so helpless, just like I did when I first saw him in the NICU. 

Okay, I'm going to go camp out near a wastebasket and ride this virus out. 

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